Minot Innkeepers Association

Minot, ND: The Magic City

They say we went up like magic. Practically overnight, the town went up as the railroad made its way through town as winter hit. Townspeople were amazed with the speed of their community’s becoming, and quickly coined the town as the “Magic City.” Founded on the land of then-homesteader Erik Ramstad in 1886 and named after Henry D. Minot, a railroad investor and ornithologist, Minot was officially incorporated on July 16th, 1887.

Throughout its history, Minot has seen several changes in its character-- from being known as the crime capital of North Dakota in the mid-1910s to being nicknamed “Little Chicago” due to it serving as a major hub for Al Capone during prohibition. However, its character changed once more, thanks to a large influx of federal funds, in the mid-1950s when the construction of the Minot Air Force Base began. Though located 13 miles north of the city, the Minot AFB contributes a significant economic impact to Minot, adding to the magic.

Today, Minot is host to many events and activities, namely the North Dakota State Fair and Norsk Hostfest. In 1966, the NDSF was sanctioned by the state and has been held every year since with the exception of 2011 due to the Souris River Flood. Running for nine days in July, the NDSF features carnival rides, food vendors, races, and concerts. Then, in late September each year, come back again to the Fairgrounds to experience the Norsk Hostfest. Held since 1978, the Norsk Hostfest aims to celebrate the Scandinavian Heritage of our city with internationally recognized artisans, craftsmen, food vendors, and entertainment featuring both traditional and mainstream acts.

With projections of a population reaching 50,000 by 2020, our community is prepared with new housing, infrastructure, airport, and recreational facilities. Take a moment to learn more about our community to see what Minot has to offer on the way of lodging, dining, entertainment, parks, shopping, and so much more. Discover what truly makes Minot magic!